Empowering your success through human experiential knowledge.

Green Minds is an exclusive knowledge on-demand platform that upscales business decisions with unique perspectives and insights from highly qualified industry-specific experts and domain specialists for informed decision making.

Our human-driven aggregate technology platform leverages the best research tools to identify and custom recruit the most relevant experienced professionals, thought leaders and domain knowledge specialists for primary market research studies.

At Green Minds, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality services that are tailored to our clients’ needs.

What sets us ahead?

150 +
Industry Niches
350 k+
Expert Panel
700 k

Unlock the power of expertise with our expert network.

What We Do?

Following the sun, our client service teams support global primary research studies by engaging top-tier experts across qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Our 360-degree value-added services guarantee 100% hassle-free support for timely project execution.

● Conferences
● Expert-backed Research
● Benchmarking

Language Support
● Survey Programming & Data Analysis

Remote-first global team serving clients every sunrise.

With the right mix of experienced and young people, our team enthusiastically partners up with clients and experts to proactively guide them through the process and ensure an amazing experience engaging with Green Minds.

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Why Choose Green Minds?

Our tech-enabled platform and custom recruitment prowess makes us quick with quality.

# 1
Quick Turnaround Time
The sun never sets at Green Minds
# 2
All experts are custom recruited and screened to match your requirements
# 3
We can recruit at scale quickly and handle both qualitative and quantitative engagements
# 4
Flexible with Everything
Either it’s an interview to prepare for a proposal or a full PMR, we can do it all at a cost that aligns with your project budget
# 5
Full-Cycle Processing​
We are with you through & through
# 6
We use multi-factor screening and authentication to ensure stress-free engagement