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Green Minds is an exclusive knowledge on-demand platform that enhances business decision-making by providing access to globally distributed human experiential knowledge and  unique perspectives from experts and domain specialists.

Our human-driven aggregate technology platform leverages the best research tools to identify the most relevant experienced professionals, thought leaders and domain knowledge specialists for primary market research studies.

Operating every sunrise, our experienced client service teams work as extensions of your team to provide you access to globally distributed human experiential knowledge via our aggregate technology platform.

Our custom recruitment expertise enables us to engage experts, KOLs, domain specialists, and experienced business leaders across diverse industry verticals globally for an exclusive knowledge-sharing session via our diverse and fully customizable portfolio of expert engagement services.

How We Do It?

Our Process Journey

  • 1st


    We quickly set the gears rolling according to your research study requirements.Field work begins immediately to build a pipeline of potential experts.Our dedicated contact, assisted by our super recruitment team,finds the best match from our ever-growing advisor panel.

  • 2nd


    We promise fast TAT of 24-36 hours for the first confirmed expert delivery to you for review. Our AI-driven and human-centered intelligent process screens, profiles, recruits, schedules and ensures compliance all at the same time.You will be interview-ready before you know it.

  • 3rd


    You consult with the selected expert/s via our modern portfolio options including online interviews, group meetings, or surveys.You enjoy our flexible, answer-for-every-problem approach, as we customize and revise depending on your niche and last-minute requirements. We facilitate you with our ad-on Enhancement services like transcription, translation, and survey programming and management.

  • 4th


    Voila! We ensure clarity to the last insight and are happy to get any follow up questions answered and provide feedbacks.


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How We Do It?

What Makes Us Different?

Owing to hands-on experience of working on diverse projects, our client service teams understand your project needs better than anyone else

At Green Minds, flexibility and adaptation form the basis of our business decisions, be it budgets, quotas and engagement type.

The right amalgam of AI, with our sensitive and calculated human touch

We guarantee real, relevant experts for the best quality, speed and cost

The project ends once your satisfaction begins

You come first, everything else follows
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96% of our clients start a second project with us after completing their first.