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Green Minds is shaping the future of research. Join our team of over 350,000+ top-tier global experts comprised of corporate executives, business leaders, other industry veterans, academic elites, and strategic analysts from over 150 markets. If you hear from Green Minds, it is because we believe your knowledge is impactful and worth sharing.


Our experts offer unique perspectives from over 140 countries


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Green Minds takes the security of our experts, clients, and information very seriously.



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We value your time and effort and ensure that you are paid timely through our multiple payment mechanism.



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There is a way in which you can share your knowledge, be it through consultations, surveys, and conferences.




Our global teams will align with you schedule for smooth participation.

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“The associates are incredibly helpful and always willing to accommodate. Great job guys!”

Business Development Director

“Working with Green Minds has been a great experience. They are professional, organized, and easy to work with. The clients they connect me with are always well-matched to my expertise, and the engagements are always interesting and rewarding.”

Pharmaceutical Industry Expert

“I joined the Green Minds expert network because it offered me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with a wider audience. It’s been a great way to stay engaged in my field and make a real difference for clients.”

Head of IT

“What stands out about Green Minds is the precision with which they match the expert to the consultancies. Mostly when they reach out to me, it is always a yes from my side because I know that the engagement will be great, and there will be no waste of time or any hassle in getting paid.”

CEO at Fortune 500 Company

“Green Minds is consistently driven by passion and a wealth of knowledge, making it an excellent platform for experts to share their expertise with individuals or companies in need. All thanks to the Green Minds team.”

Vice President R&D

with Green MindsQuick Engagements

Lend invaluable insights through either remote consultations or through surveys on behalf of our clients.


Once our recruitment team shortlists you as the right match for a client query, we will reach out to you. You will participate in a 1:1 or group discussion via an online meeting. Before the engagement begins, you will receive background information on the project as well as a consultant agreement and terms of payment.

Our surveys can be short response, multiple choice, and open-ended. Upon completion, you will be asked to share your payment details.